Acco Brands

ACCO Brands Corporation has been one of the world’s largest suppliers of business, consumer and academic products for more than a century.  The company boasts a proud history of industry leadership, innovation and focus on delivering exceptional value for shareholders, customers and consumers by providing unique, leading-edge office products.



Based in Randolph, NJ, offers original, creative, exciting and trendy activity, toy, art and stationery products. The CRA-Z-ART management team has over 120 years of experience in creating, manufacturing and marketing stationery and activities products. At CRA-Z-ART we clearly, understand the needs of the retailer and the desires of our consumers. We make it a point daily to be....Always creative!



Inkology® is a leading stationery manufacturer of home, office and school supplies with a wide range of products that feature popular brands and licenses.

At Inkology® our creative team is committed to bringing the most innovative items to the retail environment. Our patent protected products ensure that our customers have fresh and unique mixes for their markets. We offer a wide variety of merchandising options and tailored planogram programs. The retail success of our line since 2003 proves that Inkology® products deliver maximum profits. Come and experience Inkology® “We study the art of expression™."


It’s Academic Inc.

It's Academic was founded in 1995 in suburban Chicago. For the past 20 years we have strived to bring new, fun, functional, innovative and interesting products to market. Our products can be found in countless retailers in many countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.


Paris Corporation

Established as a continuous forms producer with a single press in 1964, Paris celebrates over 40 years as an industry leader for paper and business products. Paris commercial papers and custom forms have national distribution with paper merchants and distributors, while Paris consumer products are offered in more than 50,000 retail locations.



Pilot Pen is the third largest writing instrument company in the United States. Established in the U.S. in 1972, Pilot is the fastest-growing writing instrument company in the country. The parent company, Pilot Corporation in Tokyo, was founded in 1918. It is the oldest and largest writing instrument manufacturer in Japan.



For over 40 years, Redi-Tag has been creating fun and practical “Products for Productive People.” A wide range of Redi-Tag brand products have become indispensable in hospitals, offices, schools and homes all over America.

At Redi-Tag we are strongly committed to quality, technical perfection and innovation.

We believe that our products are the perfect tools for anyone who wants to get organized. So before you tackle that pile of paper, be sure and reach for a Redi-Tag product.

Our uses are as limitless as your paperwork and limited only by your imagination. 


Roaring Spring Paper Products

We put our history to work and take pride in the products we produce every day. Roaring Spring Paper Products is proud of our strong company history of innovation, growth, and providing consistent quality to our customers all across the United States.



Let Ultra-Optix be your one source for high quality vision aid products.  With 43 years of manufacturing experience, we offer a complete range of magnifiers, from our standard hand-held magnifiers to our new line of LED-lighted magnifiers and our high performance EZ Reader LED book lights. Our design expertise goes even further; our state-of-the-art packaging gives you the opportunity to see the product without opening the package.

Ultra Optix has become a leading supplier of high quality reasonably priced vision aid products through our 100% customer satisfaction commitment.  Our modern offices and efficient warehouse facilities in East Haven, CT let  us serve both the consumer and retailer directly.  We welcome the opportunity to serve your vision aid needs.