Glen K. Boucher



Over 39 years experience in the toy, hobby, stationery, summer seasonal, and sporting goods industries. Besco Associates brought him in as a principal in 1985 and has grown to be sole principal and president since 2006. Responsibilities have included managing and motivating sales people in addition to generating sales with various accounts in 13 western states.


As president, Glen's roles have included policy decisions, projections, quota setting, schematic setups, and major account presentations.  Several businesses have developed marketing and sales plans to bring product to the market through Glen's consultations. Having worked internationally with every major retailer, Boucher's primary focus are the key accounts, ie.: Big Lots, Costco, Fred Meyer, Kroger, etc. 

Glen currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his lovely wife, Sharon and son, Taylor.

(818) 519 - 9786

Brandon Boggs



Working to lead the continued development of sales, service, and management of the toy, hobby, stationary, spring summer seasonal, and sporting goods channels.  Focusing on developing sales and program within major chains, grocery, drug, catalogers, dot com, and independent retailers.

Prior to joining Besco Associates in 2012, Brandon served as the CFO/COO for an alternative investment firm for 2 years. Prior to his business career, Brandon was in the Navy for 10 years where he operated as an officer for two strike fighter squadrons as well as an operations specialist consulting on numerous admirals staffs.  Brandon operated as the single F/A-18 model manager for 647 F/A-18, aircraft worth over $29 billion in assets.  Concurrent with these responsibilities, Brandon was an F/A-18 pilot, serving four tours.

Brandon Photo1.jpg

He will be using his organizational skills, work ethic, discipline, and leadership with all customers and manufactures.

Boggs received a bachelor's degree from University of California, Los Angeles and a MBA from the Marshall School of Business, at the University of Southern California.

Brandon currently lives in Newbury Park, CA with his wife, Emily, and awesome kids, Isabella and Nate.

(858) 353-7898